Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) are essentially the DNA of Walldorf Consulting. Not only do we maintain a significant relationship with the SAP RAR development team, we are also an established SAP RAR ‘Go To‘ partner for many SAP entities worldwide.

What does SAP Revenue Accounting
and Reporting
do for your business?

  • Creates a user-friendly solution to automate and simplify revenue recognition and accounting processes.

  • Opens up flexibility by decoupling the revenue realization rules for your ordering and billing systems.

  • Guarantees compliance with new or applicable legal provisions.

  • Builds scalability through use of the SAP architecture and the benefits of parallel processing.

  • Fosters smooth connection to other SAP and non-SAP systems through the Adapter Framework.

Was leistet SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting für Ihr Unternehmen?

  • Automatisierung und Vereinfachung von Erlösrealisierungs- und Buchhaltungsprozessen mit einer benutzerfreundlichen Lösung.

  • Flexibilität durch Entkopplung der Umsatzrealisierungsregeln von Auftragserfassungs- und Abrechnungssystemen.

  • Einhaltung geltender oder neuer gesetzlichen Bestimmungen.

  • Skalierbarkeit durch Nutzung der SAP-Architektur und der Vorteile der Parallelverarbeitung.

  • Reibungslose Anbindung an weitere SAP- und SAP-fremde Systeme durch das Adapter-Framework.


Walldorf Consulting has been assisting the proactive SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) application management services to our valuable customers to solve complicated financial challenges with the custom application services over the past years. We have been successfully implemented basic Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) setup with the IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 accounting regulations to customers across different industries.

We provide full cycle application management services more than thirty SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) projects across Europe, USA, and Asia. Based on our experience and the respond by customers, it has been raising the continuous request for supports on specific revenue recognition features including change management, problem management, administration management, interface management, enhancement and customization, user training and technical support worldwide.

Key Competencies

  • Manage Standard RAR operating procedures
    • RAR contract management: Contract processing and fixing
    • Cost recognition
    • Contract combination and modification
    • Advances features for the transaction to IFRS 15/ IFRS 16 accounting rules
  • Incident and Problem management
    • Fix “unfixable” SAP RAR contracts
    • Fix SAP RAR BADI implementations after Feature Pack installations
    • Clean messy posting periods or Revenue Accounting Items with all kind of errors
  • Development Management (Enhancements and Customizations)

  • Technical and End User Training
    • Analyze RAR posting logic
    • Training RAR posting logic for complex cases
    • Standard RAR Reports
  • Interface and Integration Management


  • Build and develop custom solutions to fill the gap between SAP solutions and client requirements for:

    • Call Order Processing
    • Client Leasing Solution
    • Complex Contract Changes Scenarios
    • Intercompany process
  • Support full lifecycle data migration for:

    • Data migration issues (data extraction, mapping, and validation)
    • Post go-live data corrections
    • Data availability and general readiness
  • Support RAR Implementation for:

    • Custom legacy postings in the new system
    • Complex business rules
  • Build customize RAR Integration and framework for:

    • IS-Media events that are relevant for Revenue Recognition
    • Custom reports on
      • IS-Media fulfillment data sources
      • Integration with standard APIs
    • Develop Utility toolset for RAR to modify data using standard APIs

With loads of implemented project experiences, our consultants are highly motivated and ready in position to assist you and your business’s financial challenges. We offer the advisory service, gap analysis, mentoring, consulting, implementation, migration, testing, training, and demonstration to the customer with dynamic and close collaboration anytime, anywhere.

“We will solve any of your problems, no matter how BIG or small. Reach us to end your RAR installation and implementation headache!”


Our clients and success stories – Satisfied clients are a company‘s best references. Consequently, we have compiled a number of references from RAR Implementation projects that express what Walldorf Consulting AG can deliver.


Cloud UI for Revenue Accounting and Reporting data retrieval and presentation

The application aims to provide more flexible and robust access to backend Revenue Accounting data for various purposes. The solution is focused on building custom data view representations of Revenue Accounting subledger data. The solution hosted on Cloud Platform will allow it to be used on both on-premise devices and on mobile devices if it is necessary.


Search for any revenue accounting contract

Search for any revenue accounting contract

Free text search for any revenue accounting contracts that exist in revenue accounting backend module – in any accounting principle or across customers. Sort and filter Revenue Account contracts

Use sorting and filtering / grouping features in order to navigate contracts with ease.

Show Revenue Accounting contract details

Show Revenue Accounting contract details

For every contract you can display contract details (header information) as well as all performance obligations that are assigned to this particular contract.

Display RAR contract revenue spread

Display RAR contract revenue spread

Easily see your revenue distribution as a result of fair price allocation – either via SSP or transaction price.

Display RAR contract revenue schedule

Display RAR contract revenue schedule

Drill-down into each Performance Obligation and display its revenue schedule details across revenue accounting periods.

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