The selection of the appropriate ERP system is a complex and time-consuming matter, especially for customers in the midmarket. In addition to the question of the right application suite, the operating model of the solutions and the integration capabilities also play an essential role today.

Our approach to evaluating suitable ERP solutions is vendor-independent and focuses on the requirements of our customers, who are to be best served by the target solution. To this end, we work with experts in a wide range of ERP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP BusinessOne, but also Microsoft solutions, to put them through their paces in terms of functional and non-functional requirements.

Our lean evaluation approach consists of five steps to the result of your best-fit ERP system and requires only 4-6 weeks from the initial analysis to the final selection result:

  • Pre-selection of the functional scope of your ERP solution
  • Definition of evaluation clusters (e.g. functional, IT security, data protection, total cost of ownership, etc.)
  • Selection of specific requirements from > 4,000 elements of our requirements catalog
  • Formulation of customer-specific requirements outside the requirements catalog
  • Weighting of requirements according to priority
  • Inclusion in the Walldorf Consulting evaluation tool
  • Freezing of requirements and weightings to ensure a consistent evaluation approach
  • Creation of a Request for Information for the expert teams for each application solution under consideration

We send the collected results to the system experts for the respective systems. They analyze and evaluate them.

Sie erhalten als Kunde detaillierten Einblick in die Beantwortung der Anfrage durch die Experten.

  • Transfer of responses into the Walldorf Consulting evaluation tool
  • Calculation of results
  • Construction of a management summary
  • Final presentation

Das Evaluierungsvorgehen verheiratet dabei ein für Ihre Anforderungen optimiertes Ergebnis mit einem effizienten und asset-basierten Vorgehen. Zeitintensive und komplexe Auswahlprozesse werden durch unseren Ansatz vermieden, während das Ergebnis auf Ihre Prozesse und Anforderungen zugeschnitten bereits nach wenigen Wochen vorliegt.


Simon Flick is Managing Director and member of the Board of Walldorf Consulting GmbH. He has many years of project experience with clients of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. He played a key role in developing Walldorf Consulting’s award-winning consulting approach and – among other things – implemented it very successfully in the award-winning project with our client Sycor.

We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

Simon Flick
Simon FlickManaging Director I Board Member

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