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News: Walldorf Consulting is Grand Winner of the SAP Quality Award

By |2022-05-25T08:57:04+00:00May 24th, 2022|

SAP QUALITY AWARD: GREAT ACCOLADE FOR WALLDORF CONSULTING Walldorf Consulting has received yet another award from SAP for its outstanding project with its customer Sycor. The SAP Quality Award recognizes not only Walldorf Consulting's exceptional expertise in implementing complex cloud solutions, but also its consulting approach focused on customer success. Plan, [...]

Walldorf Consulting News: Sycor Project Wins SAP Innovation Award 2022

By |2022-04-20T14:36:52+00:00April 18th, 2022|

SYCOR PROJECT WINS SAP INNOVATION AWARD 2022 A great honor and an important milestone for Walldorf Consulting AG: In April 2022, SAP honored the successful project with Sycor with the prestigious SAP Innovation Award 2022. A summary of this success story. Walldorf Consulting provides significant support to Sycor in implementing a [...]

Walldorf Consulting News: Successful Go-Live with Sycor

By |2022-02-18T17:16:28+00:00February 18th, 2022|

SUCESSFUL GO-LIVE AT THE START OF THE YEAR WCA provides significant support to Sycor in implementing a "mammoth project” Walldorf Consulting AG experienced a start in 2022 that was as challenging as it was successful. After a processing time of roundabout nine months, the major go-live with SYCOR GmbH was successfully [...]

IFS Fintech
How AI Is Changing Fintech

By |2021-03-01T10:02:25+00:00February 28th, 2021|

AI is an evolving technology. It has effective impact and dramatic results on decision making in specific business occurrences. 72% of CEOs across business industry expect AI to have substantial influence on service and solution offerings in future. Financial Technology (FINTECH) has grown explosively in 21st century. AI is the potential future of FINTECH. New AI technologies [...]

Walldorf Consulting is one of the
20 most promising SAP Solution Providers

By |2019-05-17T10:21:29+00:00May 17th, 2019|

The enterprise world over the past few years has undergone expansive changes in the way they operate and control their business workflows. One challenge that these firms face is understanding, the multiple platforms and computational tech that is in utilization at their facilities. Most companies are now turning to software solution providers in the ERP space [...]

SAP Leonardo your digital innovation system

By |2021-03-01T11:36:11+00:00July 26th, 2018|

Transforming to digital business requires business process and model changes that no single technology can achieve. SAP Leonardo - digital innovation system brings all the differentiated software capabilities together in machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Big Data, Analytics and Data Intelligence on SAP Cloud Platform together with advanced design thinking methodology. This [...]

Machine Learning
and Artificial Intelligence

By |2019-07-16T14:02:49+00:00June 11th, 2018|

Machine Learning make the business world easier and faster. In short, Machine Learning is the application of Artificial Intelligence with the concept that the machine access to data and learn the pattern of the data and predict the outcome without being explicit code. Machine Learning is a great technique to apply in business problems solving for [...]